Road Closures

Road Closure Notice


Devon County Council (Traffic Regulation & On-Street Parking Places) Amendment Order reference IMR/B06948-5867

Update on Daccombe Hill

Please find below a message from Jacobs, who are the main contractor on Daccombe Hill for information:
……….  we’re waiting on the Contractor for his restart on Site, he is waiting on information from his sub-contractors and had been working on infrastructure in preparation for the second wave of Covid. We have been keeping the 2 landowners affected informed as best we can. We are anticipating the Gabion wall works commencing next week, however the Contractor has assured us that all works should be completed in time for Christmas, then the road can be reopened.

The issue we had with the original design was that the anchored netting wasn’t going to work as the slope had deteriorated to the point to try and stabilise it would have meant loosing the road as the fissures in the slope extend back under the road. Work stopped and an alternative option was sought.
It was agreed with Nick Jennings and Lindsey Kings (the land owner) that we would retain the road and remaining slope with an anchored gabion wall. As for the roadside works, where possible we are retaining use of the masonry wall (at both ends of the scheme), however for the section in the middle due to the risks associated with a vehicle finding its way in to the garden at the foot of the slope, we are using Flexbeam+ N2 W1 VRS with a pedestrian fence behind it to maintain the landowners privacy. The VRS will be stopped either side of the existing BT pole. To prevent surface water running over the edge of the gabions, by channelling it down and round the bend and as an added protection measure to deter errant vehicles, HB2 kerbing with an upstand of 125mm will also be installed for the length of the VRS and 500mm either end in front of the masonry walls.”

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