Big Wheaton Permissive footpath, Churchway Coffinswell

Big Wheaton Permissive footpath, Churchway, Coffinswell

Big Wheaton Permissive footpath, Churchway, Coffinswell

Walk Number 5 – Permissive footpath. Big Wheaton, Churchway, Coffinswell
Distance: About 2 kilometres (1.2 miles)
Time: About 45 minutes (circular route)
Start the walk from the Linny public house in Coffinswell and walk down the lane
opposite the Linny car park. Look to your left, after 50 metres, and between two high
beech hedges you will see the 12th century church and Devon manor house (formerly a
court house) next to it, which was a farm house until fairly recently. Continue along
the lane and, at the point that the lane bends to the left, take the track to the right
between two fields (marked as Churchway and John Musgrave Trail).
After an initial gentle slope, the track rises steeply between high trees until you reach
the brow of the hill. On your right is a metal gate with a sign post “Big Wheaton”
permissive path. Go through the gate, ensuring that you close it as sheep are often
grazed in the field.
Keeping the hedge on your left, walk across the brow of the hill which gives you
elevated views of the village of Coffinswell including the parish church tower.
At the far end of the field is another metal gate (take care again to close this firmly).
This brings you to an area bordered by farm gates, with Kerswell Lane track off to
your left and right.
Take the Kerswell Lane track to your right, which goes steeply back down to
Coffinswell and brings you to a bend in the road at the bottom of a hill (known as
School Hill or Post Office Hill).
Turn right up the hill and through the village. There is a seat to rest on at the top of
the hill, put there by the villagers for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee. Pass the post box
and telephone on your left and about 400 metres on, you are back to the Linny once

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